Mark Wastell / Phil Durrant / Sabine Vogel / Luigi Marino @ Iklectik, London

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Hundred Years Gallery, London

Sharing sets with Phil Durrant, Richard Scott, Alice Eldridge, Chris Kiefer.

Biliana Voutchkova / Sabine Vogel / Luigi Marino @ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

Michael Thieke / Luigi Marino @ KM28, Berlin

Mandhira deSaram / Luigi Marino @ Linear Obsessional Live, Lewisham Arts Cafe, London

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Oxford Improvisers, Old Fire Station, Oxford

Mark Wastell / Luigi Marino @ Cafe Oto, London

Michael Thieke / Luigi Marino @ CRUCE, Madrid

Michael Thieke / Luigi Marino @ Sonoscopia, Porto


Mark Wastell / Sholto Dobie / Luigi Marino @ Cafe Oto, London

Network 2 @ Institut für Elektronische Musik, Graz

I'll play Network 2 and give a lecture about my interactive practice.

Wastell/Marino @ Iklectik - The Horse Club, London

The Seen @ ONCA Gallery, Brighton

Wastell/Marino @ Lewisham Arts Cafe, London

The Seen @ Cafe Oto, London

Thieke/Marino @ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

Thieke/Marino @ Praha v Brně, Brno

Thieke/Marino @ Punctum, Prague

Thieke/Marino @ Interpenetration, Graz

Thieke/Marino @ Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch Rhiz, Vienna

Thieke/Marino @ Concerto Segreto, Foligno

Thieke/Marino @ B-Folk, Roma

Network 2 @ Iklectik, London

The Seen @ Hundred Years Gallery, London

I'll play in Mark Wastell's project for large ensemble with a very special group of musicians (Mark Wastell, David Toop, Alice Eldridge, Douglas Benford, Spencer Grady, Rachel Musson, Richard Sanderson, Mandhira de Saram)

Network 2 @ DeMontfort University, Leicester

Network 2 + duo w/Adam Pultz Melbye @ Spektrum, Berlin

w/ Chris Hobbs and South Leicestershire Improvisers Ensemble @ Quad Studios, Leicester

Thieke/Marino @ Pest House, Amsterdam

Thieke/Marino @ Studio 8, Berlin

Thieke/Marino @ WIM, Zurich

Uccello Acquatico @ Sowieso, Berlin

Shared sets w/ Sabine Vogel (flute) - Biliana Voutchkova (violin) - Matthias Müller (trombone) - Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone)

Anahita @ Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome

Debut of Anahita (Schiaffini/Kasirossafar/Marino/Manna/Anastasia)

The Pale Skin and the Mental Maze @ Spektrum, Berlin

Solo @ The Noise Upstairs, Manchester

10th anniversary of The Noise Upstairs.

The Pale Skin and The Mental Maze @ BEAST FEaST, Birmingham

Thieke/Marino @ Centrala, Birmingham

Thieke/Marino @ PACE, De Montfort University, Leicester

Hau: A Form of Bistability @ San Francisco Tape Music Festival, USA

Electronic Solo @ De Montfort University, Leicester

Electronic Solo @ University of Birmingham

Envision Series

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome

Uccello Acquatico @ Spektrum, Berlin

Acoustic Solo @ Pfefferberg Haus 13, Berlin

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Jazz per L'Aquila.

Concert organized by Paolo Fresu for L'Aquila and his inhabitants, that had to face one of the worst eartquakes in recent Italian history in 2009, and are still waiting for the promised help by the governament to come true.

Acoustic Solo @ Microclima, Foligno.

+ Duo w/Dan Kinzelman + Trio w/Kinzelman and Joe Rehmer.

Uccello Acquatico @ Offene Ohren - Freunde der improvisierten Musik, Munich.

Uccello Acquatico @ Bulb Festival, Chiostro di Santa Maria di Castello, Alessandria

Uccello Acquatico @ Spazio O', Milan

Hau: A Form of Bistability @ Spazio O', Milan

Hau: A Form of Bistability @ Intonal Festival, Malmö, Sweden

Performance with diffusion by Jacob Riis.

Hau: A Form of Bistability @ Acousmatic for the People, Malmö, Sweden

Performance with diffusion by Jacob Riis + lecture about my work.

Oridinary Hidden Soundscape @ International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Athens

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Blutopia, Rome

Presentation of the cd Totem

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Totemtanz, Rome

Presentation of the cd Totem

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Radio Popolare

Interview + presentation of the cd Totem inside the program Jazz not dead .

Urban Flux @ Teatro Santa Marta, Venice

Improvisation workshop and concert organized by
the University of Venice Ca' Foscari.

Urban Flux @ Casa Del Popolo, Lodi

Urban Flux @ WIM, Zurich

Urban Flux @ Blutopia

Presentation of the project Urban Flux

Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Totemtanz, Rome

Oridinary Hidden Soundscape @ Seoul International Electronic Music Festival

Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea.